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So many wonderful fabrics, styles and trims - let me create all your tailored wardrobe wishes to fit your unique dimensions and figurations.

Choose between deconstructed, half canvas and full canvas constructions. Peak, notch or shawl lapels in a variety of widths and heights of gorges. Patch, welt, jetted or flap pockets straight or slanted. A combination of inside pockets and lining finishes. Edge stitches, buttons, cuff and lapel buttonholes with contrasting or complimentary coloured thread, hand or machine stitched add finishing touches. Use the contact form or leave me a note as to what you are looking for as you check out and we can arrange a convenient time to meet in person at the shop or online to talk through your requirements, see fabrics and allow me to calcuate correct measurements for you.


Prices are from £800 for entry 2 piece suits, £1,000 for 1/2 canvas standard suits and from £3,000 for bespoke, 20% extra for 3 piece suits. The cost of a suit depends on the fabric (diamond or cashmere blends are more expensive than pure wool,) construction and any special details such as embroidery, embellishment, own lining or suiting printed designs, special buttons or a handstiched Milanese buttonhole.

Made to Measure Suits

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