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People are all shapes and sizes with particular tastes and character. I like to work with clients to create the garments or outfits they desire, and that help them to feel happy, confident and admirable in whichever situation they find themselves. I am strongly against damaging the environment with over produced, mass produced, slave labour induced fashion items. Technology now allows me to assist and make items to the requirements of clients globally, items that are going to be worn and enjoyed rather than clogging up landfill.

I have a body scanner that gives me exact figuration details that enable me to cut a garment to fit and drape over the body supremely. Making a suit that calculates for any slope or forwards positioning shoulder or sway back for example will fit an individual far better than just taking in to account a shoulder to shoulder and jacket lengths measures.


Many clients say how they struggle to find items to fit them, or items to match favourite pieces they already own, or pieces that they feel will fit in with a certain occasion. Instead of dreading events they now enjoy the collaborative designing and shopping experience, get excited to receive their finished pieces and look forward to wearing them. MADE-TO-WEAR makes clothes for our wonderful customers to enjoy wearing.

Gone are the days of worrying what to wear! Get in touch and see how we can help you too :-)

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