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My favourite creations are in this category! I love formal wear and seeing how happy and confident my clients are whether they are attending a special event or taking a stage in front of thousands. The sky is the limit in terms of fabric combinations - if you choose Scabal there are literally woven in diamond and platinum suiting options that will have you sparkling as beautifully as stars at midnight. Double breasted watch checks and sumptuous velvets with smoking jacket nods can also fit in yet stand out as special and unique in many fun and glamorous settings. Of course I know all the rules and can stick to traditional black baratheas, but if you have this box ticked already why not try a rich burgundy barathea and black silk faille shawl lapel...


Prices from £710 depending on fabric and special bespoke details such as embroidery, embellishments, frogging, personalised buttons or trims, precious metals or jewels.

Black Tie / Tuxedo / Evening / Dinner Jacket Made to Measure

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