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Traditionally in barathea black, white or midnight blue, with silk lapel facings, buttons, jetted pockets and a single galon / stripe or silk braid on the trouser legs - that can also have silk jetted pockets and waistband. Other fancy or luxurious fabric combinations and speical trim details can also be used depending on circumstance and situation.


For shows or red carpet events unique world class embroidery, artwork, embellishments, can be used to elevate the ensemble to a supreme level.


A low horseshoe neck waistcoat or cummerbund should be worn with a black tie ensemble to be unobtrusive to the smart long V of the dinner jacket, and to hide any white shirt from around the middle to the trouser waist.


Prices from £1000. Please use the contact form or leave a note during checkout as to when is convenient to discuss your requirements (in person or online) and for me to take measurements and figuration details to ensure a great fit.

Black Tie Dinner Suit / Tuxedo Made To Measure

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